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Creating the best custom made suits isn’t always easy. The key to looking your best is paying attention to the finer details.

So what details should you be looking for?


Of course, you should ensure that you take the correct measurements before creating a bespoke suit.

But you should also make sure that the cut of the suit is correct for your body type. Even if you have the right measurements, the cut of your suit will be the deciding factor when it comes to the finished look.

For example, double-breasted suits have two distinct rows of buttons down the front, and a button on the inside left meant to keep the front of the suit straight.

However, these suits can have the effect of making your torso appear smaller – so it is probably not the best type of suit to wear if you are already quite short.

Another popular option is the British suit. This is perfect for wider men, because the thin lapels, small shoulder, and overall tighter cut of the suit make the torso appear smaller.

At the same time, it can accentuate one’s height, perfect for making one look a little taller and thinner.

For a more flexible suit on the other hand, the Italian suit can fit many different body styles, and tends to be highly tailored, leading to a clean, well polished suit.

Another major point to take into consideration, is when you are designing a custom made suit, one of the other major factors that help to determine how good it looks, are the lapels and the pockets.

For a more elegant and stylish look, it is best to go for thinner lapels, whereas thicker lapels tend to be more executive looking.

In terms of pockets, tuxedo-style pockets tend to be the most popular, while patch rounded pockets are more informal.

The next thing that you should take into consideration is the colour.

The three most popular colours are grey, black and blue.

These colours work for almost any situation. Black is better for formal or sombre situations, whereas grey works best for most social situations. Generally, darker shades are more formal.

If you are creating a bespoke suit for a less formal situation or a sports social, then blue will probably work best.

The key to it all is experimenting and finding out what works best for you and your circumstances.

Don’t forget to complement your custom-made suit with accessories such as pocket squares, ties and bespoke shoes as well.

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