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Daniel and Lade Bespoke Menswear (D&L) is a leading custom menswear retailer. We provide the modern gentlemen with high quality shoes and clothing that fits your body perfectly. Daniel and Lade makes it easy and affordable for customers to get custom tailored menswear for a look that is professional, fashionable and truly sophisticated.

At D&L we aim to provide you with the perfect outfit to make your occasion a unique and unforgettable experience. That is why we provide the best tailored blazers, shirts, suits and tuxedos for any occasion. Our bespoke menswear outfits are crafted to your precise measurements and finished to the highest standards for a unique and unparalleled fit. D&L offers an ever-changing selection of exciting new fabrics and cloths. We provide more than 5,000 fabrics from the world’s finest mills to personalize your suit with styling options that are limited only by your imagination.

Building a classic wardrobe takes time and style because your style evolves with time. Style is very individual, personal and almost a reflection of your character- it speaks out who you are. At Daniel and Lade, we offer you the opportunity to create your most desired styles and outfits which are unattainable, even with the best machine. With our unlimited range of fabrics (ranging from super 110’s, 120’s – 150’s wool to the likes of Holland and Sherry), threads, and buttons to choose from; designing your bespoke suit magnifies your ability to try different combination of styles (regardless of the complexity) in order to authenticate your individuality.


Quite simply, Bespoke allows you to construct your suit from scratch, which could be exciting for some and yet daunting for others.  Our highly trained staff are always available to assist in the selection of fabrics, pattern making and to ensure that measurements are correctly taken. Your suit, the story of its creation and the significance of what it means to you will always remain unique and special.


The benefits of a Bespoke suit far outweighs ready-to-wear or made-to-measure suits-which basically, are simple already-made suits or ones that are altered to your preference and measurements. It doesn’t offer the flexibility of designing your suit as would Bespoke suit. Essentially, bespoke suit ensures that your suit is made according to your body and gait; the suit is constructed by hand with you in mind, ensuring that your suit fits perfectly well in different proportions of your body.


Aim to provide you with the perfect outfit to make your occasion unique



Custom tailored suits have always been a symbol of power and sophistication. We produce cuts for every single individual which are made with the highest degree of craftsmanship. At Daniel and Lade, we pride ourselves over the fact that our menswear has a formidable reputation for meeting stringent customer demands and producing top quality clothing and accessories at an affordable cost.


Naturally customers want to look their very best. The days of simply following fashion trends have been replaced with the growing need to celebrate individuality and wear clothing that is comfortable, unique and stylish.


Nowadays the one-size-fits-all approach to clothing will no longer cut it in a competitive corporate environment or for that all-important event.


Rather than wearing clothing that is made for someone else, our customers come to us in order to get top, quality customised clothing that they cannot get anywhere else.


Quite simply, all of our outfits are made with you in mind and are designed around your individual needs and requirements.

Our garments are designed to complement your body to ensure that you look great, no matter what your size. Gone are the days when you have to worry about whether or not the clothes will complement your frame, at Daniel and Lade we take the burden off of your shoulders, with custom menswear that will make you look and feel great.


So what are you waiting for? Browse our website today and have fun creating your ideal look from our online catalogue which gives you a complete run-down of the products that we have on offer. You can also use our ordering platform in which you can quickly and easily make your purchases over the web once you have decided which outfits you would like.


The finest Swiss cottons are used for all our shirts, and suit fabrics ranging from Super 100 to 200’s wool, merino wool, mohair, camel hair, Superfleece, flannel, blend of wool and silk, and cashmere. The shirts are designed to fit comfortably with our suits and incorporate the ‘signature’ hand red X stitch.


One of the things which makes our service unique here at Daniel and Lade is that our clients are able to not only select the style, cut and cloth for their clothing, but our online 3D guides allow clients to select the type of suit they want and view it in different colours and fabrics. The days when you have to walk into a shop and view the physical suit to get an idea of what it looks like are long gone – our seamless portal allows you to do all of that and more online. Check out our ‘Lookbook’ page to find out more.

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