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Corporate uniforms or office uniforms as they are known portrays the very first image of the organisation to its clients and in this case, first impression does count which is why most corporate organisations are very meticulous when getting their corporate uniforms. Our straight forward process allows our clients to have full control of the garment design; from cloth, to style and corporate colours without the fear of something going wrong as we offer a full report on each of our four steps.


Our Corporate uniforms service in this sector include; providing large stock of uniforms pre-designed and approved for bulk hospitality companies or for smaller staff levels, full bespoke customisation service.

Being passionate about what we do and the quality of our service, we are committed to providing the highest quality bespoke staff uniforms; ranging from bespoke suits for men and women to dresses with no minimum order quantity ensuring we can cater to all your staff uniform requirements. Our design process is broken down into four easy steps:

STEP 1: Style/Design consultation and approval​

Cloth selection 

Uniform design from our style manual, incorporating our client’s brand identity.
CAD design board approval

Done by one of our in house Atelier with precision​

STEP 2: Fitting/Measurement​

3: Mould Fitting​

Final delivery​

This is to ensure the garments are tailored well and fit to size

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