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bespoke tuxedo



At Daniel & Lade Bespoke Wedding Suits London, we believe your wedding being a great day as it would be, deserves you looking your best.

“Our Bespoke Wedding Suits + Your Wedding = The Perfect Couple” is the ethos we follow for making sure the day is perfect for our groom/groomsmen.

We tailor Bespoke Wedding Suits, Tuxedos, Tail coats and shirts and also make Goodyear welted dress shoes to complete the perfect outfit.

With our collection of Cravats/Kerchief, we add the extra little details to give finesse to the outfit.


10% discount on all bespoke suits, bespoke shirts, bespoke shoes and accessories for a train of four or more including the GROOM. For any of our ranges ALMANSA, SAVOIR FAIRE (BSF) or OPULENCE including bespoke shoes and accessories our Groom and the train have opportunity to save 10% on total order.


A free bespoke shirt when a bespoke suit is ordered in any of our ranges.


A full outfit package in our ALMANSA RANGE comprising of a two-piece bespoke TUXEDO suit, bespoke shirt, bespoke shoe and Cravat/Kerchief all for £1200 including cummerbund.

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