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Measurement Guide



Recently, the tables are turning and we have noticed that nowadays customers at Daniel and Lade bespoke menswear prefer to go through their measurements themselves especially due to the fact that they do not want to travel far just to book in at our studio for their bespoke outfit measurements. This is not a surprise to us as we have also provided them an easy to use suitable 3d bespoke menswear online design platform to completely design their own outfit themselves.


We have put up a few guides below for those taking their measurements and ordering from us for the first time. If you ever still need one of our tailors to assist you with your measurements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Place tape measurement around base of neck with one finger space (about 2-3 cm).


Place tape measure around the fullest part of the chest, high up under the arms with two fingers space. Tape should be level and not so tight.

Place tape measure around stomach with two fingers space and level over the fullest part of
the stomach. Make sure the tape not so tight.


Place tape measure around the waistband of customer and make the tape snug or tight
according to the body shape of customer.


Place tape measure around hips at the hip bone Area (fullest part) with two fingers space. Tape should be snug and level.


Place tape measure around the thigh near the lowest point of the crotch with 2 fingers space. Tape should be snug and level.


This measurement is taken from the center of front waistband, down along the front rise,  across the crotch and then up to the center of the back waistband. Make sure customers
fit well and usually the measurement can be 1 cm larger.

Pant bottom

Usually unneeded, finished measurement can be provided if required.


Usually unneeded, finished
measurement can be provided if


Place tape measure around the fullest part of the upper bicep and parallel to the level.  Usually unneeded unless customer has special body shape.


Place tape measure around the wrist bone with a slight ease.


The measurement is taken from the point where the shoulder seam joins the sleeve to opposite shoulder seam joining the sleeve, and then add allowance according to the body shape of the customer (generally 2-4 CM).

Right/Left sleeve

The measurement is taken from the point where the shoulder seam joins the sleeve, down along the arm to the point below the wrist, and please note add extra 1.5 CM.

Back vest length

The length is measured on the back from the bottom of the collar to the waistband and adds
5 CM to that.

Back jacket length

The length is measured in the back from the bottom of the collar to the bottom of
the seat or lowest point of the crotch. (Or half of the full back length and add extra 1-2 (CM).

Front vest length

The distance from the point that shoulder seam joins collar slant to the center of the waistband and add extra 7-10 CM.

Front length

The measurement is taken from the point where the shoulder seam joins the collar vertically to one point that customers required.

Pants right/left out seam

Measure the out seam length from the top of the right waistband to the floor and then subtract  1-1.5 CM.

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