It’s summer, we’ve got the colours, and you select the CLOTH

We have put together a few deals this summer that you’ll surely love

DIRECTORS BUNDLE - For £2000, get a bespoke 2pc suit with extra trousers in our OPULENCE range using Holland and Sherry cloth, 2 luxury bespoke shirts, and a pair of bespoke shoes, saving over £1000 ASSOCIATE BUNDLE - For £850, get a bespoke 2pc suit, and extra pair of trouser and a bespoke shirt in our BSF range, saving over £500 - ⦁ SHIRT(5) BUNDLE - For £300, get 5 bespoke shirts in our Workman range, saving £100

DIRECTORS BUNDLE: With the new intercity bunch from Holland and Sherry, we have put together this luxury bundle for £2000:

⦁ A bespoke suit suing premium cloth from Holland and Sherry ⦁ 2 luxury bespoke shirts ⦁ A pair of custom made shoes The bundle saves our customers well over £1000 in our OPULENCE range and fittings can be arranged via appointment only.

ASSOCIATE BUNDLE: Our Associate bundle uses fine cloth ranges from Dugdale Bros and Harrisons of Edinburgh cloth. Affordable luxury at the very best and the deal saves our customers over £500. With this bundle you get: ⦁ A bespoke suit – using fine cloth from Harrisons or Dugdale ⦁ An extra pair of trousers ⦁ 2 bespoke shirts

SHIRT(5) BUNDLE: Being summer, shirts are an in thing and this package works out well for customers looking to get some shirts in for work or for casual wear.