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At Daniel and Lade Bespoke Suits we believe that appearance is more than an idea – it is a way of life. The way that you present yourself can make the difference between winning over that potential client or facing rejection.

Now I am very much a believer that your attire is in many ways, a reflection of the company that you work for.

Therefore, it is a very good idea to tailor your suits and accessories to the company or event in question.

Over the next 12 months, we will undoubtedly see many different trends in men’s fashion which will hit the high streets, but there are some key style ideas which will go down well- no matter what the season.

So what styles and traits should you be looking for? There are literally dozens that I could pick but to keep it simple, I have picked out just a few that will always serve you well no matter what the occasion.


You can literally bounce off hundreds of ideas from this style alone in terms of colour, cloth and design.

In the olden days, double breasted bespoke suits became associated with the larger frame, but nowadays it is designed to accentuate the physique of today’s modern men.

It has the effect of highlighting the trim figure of V-shaped men, and helping to disguise and complement the plumper figures.

There has been an explosion of different styles of this type of suit making its way onto the high streets recently, from the double-breasted Tom Ford suits with peak lapels to the Kent cut D&G suits.

Double breasted bespoke suits often have peaked lapels and this gives the effect of broadening the shoulders and slimming the waist.

Its breast pocket is usually cut to accommodate a pocket handkerchief, and depending upon the individual style, colour and cloth used for the suit, it can either be the perfect outfit for a business meeting or conference, or a quirky fashion item for the more casual occasion.

It is one of the great things about this type of cut – it can be modified to suit any occasion and figure.


If you are opting for a traditional, conservative look that is smart and sophisticated, then you may want to go for a single-breasted sleek cut bespoke suit, which comes complete with the traditional blazer and matching trousers.

This type of suit exudes masculinity and is more appropriate for a formal and conservative setting. Elegant and stylish, the sleek cut is known for its sharp, impeccable style and subtle tones.

For a personal touch, try teaming this suit with a slim to medium sized notched lapel or shawl, or a breast pocket that accommodates nothing more than a pocket square. This will help to emphasise the style and sophistication of the suit and looks a lot less cliché than a pocket handkerchief.


This type of suit gives off an air of authority and is the perfect choice for the modern CEO or company boss.

This consists of a waistcoat, as well as a blazer and matching trousers. There are literally hundreds of different styles to choose from to suit every type of personality. For example, if you want to be slightly retro and combine it with a formal style – you could opt for the pinstripe three piece suit. On the other hand, the busy professor might go for tweed, while the modern professional may instead opt for a more conventional, corporate style.

Whatever your style, the three piece suit underlines confidence, sophistication and formality.

So get more out wearing the perfect suit and at Daniel and Lade Bespoke Menswear we are more than willing to help. Contact us to book an appointment today.

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