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Tips for men: How to look good

A smart and sophisticated appearance is essential for a man who wants to make a good impression.

Not only will it boost your confidence – but having pride in your looks will increase the confidence that others have in you too.

In this short guide, we’ve come up with some top tips on how you can look your best.

Get rid of the wrinkles

No – we don’t mean face wrinkles, it is the ones on your shirt that you need to pay most attention to.

Even if you have a stylish, well-fitting bespoke shirt, you are essentially undoing all of the good work you have put in if your shirt is crumpled and creased.

Therefore, commit to a smarter, cleaner look and iron out those wrinkles before leaving the home, it helps in you quest to look good.

Buy suits that fit

The last thing you want is to spend money on a suit where the trousers legs are too short or the arms are too long.

Do yourself a favour and ensure that you get yourself fully measured out so that you can buy a suit which fits you perfectly.

Custom made suits are the best in this regard because then you can create your own designs and add your own accessories which you know will fit you perfectly.

Be smart with your accessories

And talking of accessories, you want to make sure that whatever you get enhances your look. Most guys like to purchase accessories with their custom made suits, so you should ensure that whatever you get is subtle, functional and holds everything together.

Choose wisely and your accessories can help to add that extra level of sophistication to your outfit.

Get creative

Who wants a boring suit that every other man on the street is wearing? You’ve got to be bold to be stylish, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks and accessories when choosing an outfit.

You never know – you might even end up being a trendsetter that other men will follow.

If you want some more style tips and ideas on how to create the perfect custom made suit, visit our online 3D designer platform for more information.

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