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I recently had the opportunity to tailor a suit for one of the directors of ETSY for him to receive an award at the White House and also got invited to movie night arranged by ETSY as a BNS team

Now not too many people know about ETSY… However quite similarly to eBay in a very contrasting way, they offer a platform for retailers of vintage wares, designers, craftsmen to sell their handmade items. The unique thing about ETSY is the fact that you’re only allowed to sell items you’ve made or that are vintage. You’re vetted before being allowed to sell and you have to give details of your process.

As a brand, ETSY is growing exponentially and as a platform that started out little in New York, USA. It now has huge presence in Europe and Asia.

As a bespoke atelier, the platform has been very useful, to showcase designs made and also accept custom orders. The key thing is that you can build an item or product for a customer based on their requirements and processes it as a custom order.

For Daniel and Lade, ETSY has helped propel brand awareness in the USA most especially and being in the UK, limits the FAQ’s we get from USA customers and enhanced the overall procedure of ordering a tailored suit or garment online.

Why not try etsy out… For lovers of vintage items, handmade garments, accessories and bespoke products, check out the on ETSY and receive 5% discount with code ETSY5

For more tips, details or enquiries on our offers , visit or book an appointment with us at for professional advice on your journey to self-awareness and style and to tailor some custom made suits. to book an appointment today.

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