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London, March, 17th, 2014

Men’s fashion will never be the same again – a new tailor is in town

If you are looking for the next answer to Gucci and Versace – then it doesn’t get much better than Daniel and Lade.

Daniel and Lade bespoke menswear has taken the fashion world by storm in recent months with the launch of a brand new range of bespoke menswear suits and shoes that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

It is the year 2014 and fashion is changing. Gone are the days when guys simply wear what other men are wearing – fashion has now made way for style and individuality, and our custom made suits have been successful in keeping pace with that trend.

Daniel and Lade has caused quite a stir among some of the top industry magazines and fashion experts lately, after our tailor-made garments came to the attention of some of the top CEOs and celebrities in the country.

In fact, only recently, rising star David Ajala who played a bounty hunter in the Dark Knight has already invested in our services, along with other famous faces and industry officials.

Daniel and Lade menswear is designed for any man who is interested in purchasing bespoke luxury suits and shoes at an affordable price and we produce suits for a number of different occasions, including weddings, business meetings, parties and evening wear.

The truth is anybody can make these claims, so we are going to put our money where our mouth is and prove it to you.

We are challenging stylists and magazines to put us to the test and try out our clothing for free in return for featuring one of our accessories or garments in their next project or photoshoot to see it it makes the cut.

Daniel Orija, is the brains behind the menswear retailer and has been running the company for over a year.

He said that he is delighted at the response he has received from high-end clients so far.

Mr Orija said: “It’s been phenomenal. We have had such positive feedback from customers so far that we are planning to expand over the next six months. We are inviting stylists to put us to the test by using one of our products in a photo shoot and see how it matches up to expectations.

“We are so confident in our ability to wow customers with our innovative and authentic, tailor-made garments and accessories, that we are going to send them complementary to the first six stylists to respond.”

We can supply suits, shirts, shoes and accessories such as Cravats, scarves and handkerchiefs to stylists and fashion magazines, who are on the lookout for top quality and sophisticated luxury menswear garments to suit different occasions.

Notes to the editor

If you have never heard of us before and you would like to find out more about Daniel and Lade, then feel free to get in touch to find out more. For press enquiries, or to arrange a photoshoot, please contact:

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