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Of Equal importance For a long time, I’ve always been one to pay much emphasis to the jacket, shirt and then trouser; in that order. With very little emphasis to the other accessories used. However, I’ve had to learn that all garments are of equal importance:

Jacket – Just as the saying goes, a well tailored suit is to a man what a lingerie is to a lady and that’s true. The jacket has to fit right; with the shoulders accurately measured and well placed on the mans slope; the lapel sitting properly on the chest; the sleeves just showing a little over half an inch of the shirt and overall fit enhancing the man’s torso. Now having it ready means making sure it’s well laundered and there are no Shirt – This used to be second on the priority list but serious care needs to be taken with the shirt as well. If not well tailored, can look very creased when the jacket is taken off. The collar and the cuff gives away a lot about the shirt and should also be well pressed prior to use.

I was a victim of assigning the least priority to the trouser most especially when worn the second or third time. Unlike the jacket which I make sure has no creases, I’d pay no emphasis to the trouser and just slap them on. However, this is totally wrong. Firstly, the trouser should be well tailored, with the length just reaching one’s heels. For smart trousers, it shouldn’t be too long neither should it be too short. In most cases, customers do have their personal preference. A single pleat works well for either smart or casual trousers with no need to extras on pockets for smart trouser but you can get away with them on casual trousers. When wearing them, they should always be pressed, even when worn the second time. This accentuates the pleat line and shows a high level of tidiness and grooming for a gentleman. Another blog will be put up on accessories and how the accentuate your entire look. If you need a tailored suit and are wondering what to do, contact us to book an appointment or simply design one yourself using our online 3D platform and use code 10OFF to get a 10% discount. For more tips, details or enquiries on our offers , visit or book an appointment with us at for professional advice on your journey to self-awareness and style and to tailor some custom made suits. to book an appointment today.

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