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At Daniel and Lade we only aim to bring the best to our clients, which is why we’ve partnered with Oh My Sock to bring the very innovative Bamboo socks to you.

The Oh My Sock pair of socks will be available on our shop page from this summer and we will always update their new designs and collections.

We will be bringing you offers for Oh My Sock bamboo socks and shoes regularly, so be on the look out.

Read below for more insight into the idea and concept behind Oh My Sock…

I started OhMySock with the idea of bringing comfort and convenience to the men we care about. Socks are really something close to our skin every day, yet many times we forget to invest in feet-worthy socks and just pick the cheapest that are available at the supermarket. This often results in a full drawer of bad quality, odd socks that leave our feet feeling tired, soggy and even smelly sometimes. As much as I care about the important men in my life, including my dad, my brothe

Most socks on the market are made in China, but we actively pursued a European partner that holds our same values of quality, safety, and comfort. We extensively researched different kinds of material to find one that would bring users the most comfortable experience. Cotton blend is the most popular type of socks material in the market, one of the cheapest materials that you can buy easily anywhere. However, cotton socks can become soggy and may carry bad odours after extensive use. Wool blend is very good with combating odour, but rather expensive and can cause itchiness and irritation to users’ skin.

After a lot of trial and error, we came across a material that is special, one that is not only as soft as silk but also has a natural anti-bacterial quality that can bring users a different level of comfort. Bamboo socks have the best of both worlds because they wick the moisture away from your feet and absorb up to four times more moisture than normal cotton socks, keeping your feet cool in summer and warm in winter. The bamboo fibres have a round surface, which gives the socks a silky soft feeling, no more smell, itchiness or irritation, and this material also helps reduce blisters formation while walking.

Not all bamboo socks are made equal, since bamboo is a biodegradable material, its endurance can sometimes not be as good as cotton or nylon socks. Therefore, we improved the endurance of our products by using only the best quality material and machineries in our European factory with much higher needle counts than regular socks. We also reinforce the heel and toes to improve the socks’ durability. Additionally, we chose to make three different sock sizes instead of going for a one size fits all. We know that size matters, and when it comes to real comfort, one size doesn’t fit all.

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