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Colour Man

Choosing the right colour for that special occasion must suit the occasion. Colour, as defined by the dictionary is the property possessed by an object; for producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.This definition was clearly proven correct by the dress which stormed the social media not very long ago. In that instance, we could conclude that colour depends on our eyes solely or the angle at which it reflects on our eyes, a story for another day I presume.

The question on mind now is; how do we pick the perfect suit colour for that special occasion. I personally love navy blue suits; there is this calmness and loyalty about it- it fits for all occasion (in my point of view, especially when worn with a brown shoe).

Charcoal are the next black suits; its fits perfectly for corporate guys who don’t want to look like waiters or appear as if they are going to a funeral. It is easy to match and suits nearly all complexions and body shape. Albeit, black tux suits are always perfect for that sophisticated look at evening parties or balls.

Wearing a pinstriped suit to work just makes you stand out from your peers (in a good way I promise). It’s a good choice for those who can pull off any outfit; it makes a bold statement but be careful not to wear it to a black tie event or club. Whilst pinstriped suits could work for any one, taller guys may want to explore other options as the vertical stripes may create an elongated look.

As we all know, the wedding season has started and what better suit colour to wear (as an eye-catch guest of course) than the tan suits. Whilst it reflects off the sun and provides a cooling effect, it also enlightens the mood and just make you the best dressed guest, especially if worn with a white shirt and brown tassel loafers (it seals the deal). Brighter colour suits (such as red, pink, lime etc.) are reserved for those who are not afraid to experiment with different colours or convey a message. My advice is, when choosing your suit, make sure you pick the perfect colour that would complement your body, remember you wear your suit, your suit shouldn’t wear you.

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