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With the summer rush over and autumn kicking in, the style running through 2014 has remained the same. Shawl tuxedo being the famous this year and the occasional Peak Lapel tuxedo making a statement for grooms who favour a bespoke suit, cloth weight is the only difference.

Velvet and Black Barrathea being the most common for this time of the year, a little extra weight on the cloth would help keep warm in the cold weather and still look elegant.

Another style that can complement this season will be the off-white shawl lapel tuxedo. Either with black or white satin, the tuxedo jacket gives a cooler contrast even though it’s commonly associated with the summer.

As a style advice when designing your bespoke suit, your dress style and personal preference should be considered. For a short man as an example, the peak lapel will elongate the torso and help detract the attention from the height. Lapel width should be kept as standard. While for a tall man, an extra wide shawl lapel will increase the width and focus the attention on width of the lapel

For slim men, extra slim lapel width will do the trick and for broad men extra wide lapel will help.

Patterns can be used and same rules will apply for slim, broad, tall or short men. Depending on pattern style, the length, width and for checks or stripes, you will consider if it’s horizontal (ideal in the case of tall men) and vertical (for shorter men). While a lot of floral patterns are now being used for tuxedos, your bespoke suit should best state who you are.

What matters most on the day is that you look your best and your bespoke suit helps you feel your best as well.For your wedding tuxedos, morning coats, tail coats and bespoke suit needs feel free to for a consultation and receive 15% discount towards your 2015 wedding

For more tips, details or enquiries on our offers , visit or book an appointment with us at for professional advice on your journey to self-awareness and style and to tailor some custom made suits. to book an appointment today.

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