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What’s the fuss about Bespoke Suit?

Quantity over quality has always been a juggle on my mind. I’m sure you would agree that quality matters. Machines have virtually taken all over the world. The world, I agree is a fast growing one and would require same pace of advanced technology to co-exist with it. The truth is, we have forgotten how useful our hands are.

During the times of our ancestors, handiwork was the motto; they made everything they used; ranging from their cookery utensils to even their clothing. In fact, technology couldn’t have been able to produce same quality as carefully handmade garments or shoes.

Today, fashion is all about endorsing your individuality and making a statement with the different concepts that you’d least expect. Though

, It is not about making a statement with trends and flaunting labels: it is an understated way of dressing that means you are confident and you have the most flattering garments in your choice of fabrics, with exactly the neckline, hem length, sleeve shape that you like etc. My phrase is “show me your wardrobe and I will tell you who you are”, your dressing almost accentuates your personality.

For an awfully long time, already made ill fitting suits and shoes have been floating and still floats in the market. Nothing you will ever buy will fit properly, it’s either the sleeves are too short, the shoulders doesn’t align properly and things just don’t sit right because they are made to a standard cut, and not everyone is the same shape. Amazingly, people have started to realize their ability to have a say in what they wear and how it is made. Albeit, what is fueling this shift from ready to wear/off the rack to bespoke suit?

High-end bespoke suits are expensive and usually you would want an independent designer, shoe maker or tailor to bring about your vision. Opting for bespoke suit or shoe does bring a wealth of benefits. The first of these is that, you can create a piece that you love whatever your style and hand down to your offspring. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary designs, your wish is the command!

Secondly, since you get a say in every stage of the design process, you have more control over the style, materials and the smaller features that add to the overall character of the piece. Complete control means that the suit or shoe is designed with your personal taste in mind, which is a great way to stamp your personality on your garment/shoe and make your piece truly yours.

Some people may ask, what is the fuss about? Well, you only have to look at the best dressed men and women to see that bespoke is the way to go. Why not try a bespoke shoe and see how it fits comfortably and effortlessly in places you’ve never experienced before. There’s just this amazing feeling of wearing a piece that considers not just your size but your unique shape as well as your gait. What’s more, the designer/ tailor ensure that specific adjustments are made to fit you perfectly as opposed to going for the next size up or down.

A client recently said, “whilst I was getting suited for my wedding, there was something about the process of being measured, choosing the details such as the right shoulder line, the fabric, the lining, the sewing threads, the lapel, the silhouette, going for fittings, the impeccable finishing. You gain a level of craftsmanship and quality, from skilled workers that are simply not possible in a ready-to-wear garment as opposed to a bespoke suit.” – By F.A.

For more tips, details or enquiries on our offers , visit or book an appointment with us at for professional advice on your journey to self-awareness and style and to tailor some custom made suits. to book an appointment today.

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